What's new in 4.5.3 (March 14, 2009)
1. Fixed a compatibility issue affecting symbols display,
2. Changed tree view font,
3. Improved installation process,
4. And several bug fixes,

New in 4.5.1 (March 5, 2009)
1. Added support for standard APRS symbols and overlays,
2. Improved the way log files are saved,
3. Better signal range calculation accuracy,
4. Uninstall will no longer remove tnc settings file,

New in 4.4.4 (April 22, 2008)
1. Fixed a bug in processing weather station data,
2. Fixed an altitude conversion error,
3. Fixed a station loading error,
4. Improved handling of on line help,

New in 4.4.3
1. Fixed a GPS altitude error,
2. Improved message filter handling,
3. Improved TNC raw data processing,

New in 4.4
1. Implemented improved log file replay, with the ability to apply track list and filters during the file loading process to reproduce different scenarios, and the ability to adjust replay speed,
2. Added TCP raw data window,
3. Improved subnet filter handling,
4. Streamlined filter, settings, and track options interface, plus other enhancements,

New in 4.3.1
1. Fixed a problem with weather station data,
2. Improved data storage and display,and other enhancements,
3. Better real time speed and course data processing,
4. Detailed data are shown together with the map symbol, right click and choose 'display information' to display lat, lon, alt, speed, course, time, path, and comment etc.,

New in 4.2.6
1. Added GPS panel to display real time GPS data, latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, course, distance to destination and time to destination etc.,
2. Fixed an altitude computation error, fixed tnc data window scrolling problem,
3. Added sound alert for tracked station report,
4. Improved GPS back end processing,

New in 4.2.3
1. Fixed a problem displaying tracked stations,
2. Improved track line width handling,
3. Improved support for AEA PK-232 TNC units,

New in 4.2.2
1. Added separate track list support for RF and TCP link,
2. New reject condition in the filter dialog,
3. Ability to selectively remove stations from the tree view list,
4. And other enhancements,

New in 4.1
1. Ability to show/hide individual station tracks,
2. Tactical call sign support,
3. Option to include tracked stations as part of the filter,
4. Ability to customize the color in which mobile stations are shown,
5. Improved support for legacy TNC's,

New in 4.0
1. Ability to remove individual station tracks/all tracks,
2. Fixes for display setting bugs,
3. Streamlined support for Windows Vista,

New in 3.2
1. Remembers servers, ports and filters in TCP connection,
2. Added auto connect support for GPS,
3. Improved handling for station tracking and track lines,

New in 3.1
1. Fixed a bug in server filter setting,
2. Fixed a bug in server report path,
3. Adjusted position dialog default setting,

New in 3.0
1. Implemented APRS server filter setting,
2. Enabled auto connect for TCP connection,
3. Customization of track line width and style,
4. Numerous fixes and enhancements,

New in 2.2
1. Added TNC data view and TNC data log,
2. Enabled auto connect for AGW packet engine,
3. Fixed a bug handling weather station data,
4. Ability to load a default map view at startup,

New in 2.1
1. Station speed is calculated using mph instead of knots,
2. Several bug fixes in the backend,
3. Fixed a spelling error in the tcp connect dialog,

New in 2.0
1. Track lines connecting points can be turned on or off for a tracked station,
2. TNC can be set up to auto connect upon program startup,
3. TNC setup is done by the program automatically,
4. Several bug fixes.

New in 1.2.9
1. Added APRS internet server reconnection and backup server option,
2. Improved station tracking capability,
3. Display of raw TNC data stream in real time,
4. Numerous bug fixes and other enhancements,
5. Thoroughly tested to work with both MapPoint 2002 and 2004.