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Roy Byrer, K4SOL wrote,
Just began using aprspoint. I find it to have a clean logical layout with a short learning curve to learn its functions. Seems that this program would do about anything anyone would want to do on APRS. Instructions and FAQ on the website explain things clearly. I am aware that there are a lot of free aprs programs out there that work fine, but in my opinion APRSPoint is well worth the price. It seems the author keeps the program updated frequently, and sometimes that is not the case with the free programs. Job well done, Michael.

Ken Young, K1KEY wrote,
I have tried them all and settled on APRSPoint. Have not had any problems on any of my computers. I use UIView32 with the UIPoint add-in and couldn't work any smoother. Well done!!!

James Smith, K9APR wrote,
APRSPoint is highly stable no shut downs or error's. Or the UHE's that plague so many other programs. If I was rating the program from a scale from 1 - 10 it would get 11.. Nice documentation included. Mapping from Microsoft is far more superior than Street Atlas from Delorme as I've seen so far. Again I would highly recommend APRSPoint with Microsoft MapPoint mapping software...

Dan Jerry, KA2HMR wrote,
As a Macintosh guy, I was somewhat disappointed at the lack of APRS software. So I downloaded numerous Windows titles, and ran them under Virtual PC. I had an awful time getting anything to work without a great deal of frustration. Then I discovered APRSPoint. No problem finding maps; MS MapPoint is included! Easy to set up, and a pleasure to use! Looking forward to enhancements in future versions.

Terry L. Brooks, AA9MM wrote,
An absolute treat to work with this new software. It beats WinAPRS, hands down! Keep up the good work Michael.

Jeff Milne, VE3EFF wrote,
If you want a decent application for APRS without the frustration of 'stick maps' then APRS point application combined with MS Map Point is a winner! Micheal, what is the next step? .Net with Maps served to all subscribed Hams?

Walter Olechny, VA3WJO wrote,
APRSPoint is nicely integrated with Microsoft's MapPoint, the maps are far superior to Winaprs. Currently being used on TCP/IP and will use it with the Kenwood D700A in the very near future... can't wait for future enhancements! I'm a happy customer. Thanks to the author.

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