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Important: Always remember to uninstall the old version before installing the new one.

APRSPoint Version 4.5.7

What's new in 4.5.7 (Aug 2, 2011)
1. Full support for TH-D72, including its native GPS sentence,

What's new in 4.5.6 (July 24, 2010)
1. Changed the way station symbols are managed,
2. Several bug fixes,

What's new in 4.5.4 (Nov 19, 2009)
1. Enhanced network connection stability,
2. Fixed the broken link for operator info,
3. Improved activation processing,

What's new in 4.5.3 (March 14, 2009)
1. Fixed a compatibility issue affecting symbols display,
2. Changed tree view font,
3. Improved installation process,
4. And several bug fixes,

What's new in 4.5.1 (March 5, 2009)
1. Added support for standard APRS symbols and overlays,
2. Changed the way log files are saved, now you need to provide the name of a folder where logs will be saved, the name of the log file is genarated automatically by appending the date after 'log', so old logs won't be overwritten. You need to create the folder if it doesn't exist. Leave the folder name field empty if you don't want to save logs,
3. Better signal range calculation accuracy to reflect real world operating conditions,
4. Uninstall will no longer remove tnc settings file,

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